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Why Choose OC Mobile Surgery?

Expand the services you offer without having to take classes or buy expensive equipment.

  • Preserve the bond you have with your clients by eliminating the need to refer them out for advanced surgeries such as TPLO, patellar luxation correction, FHO, fracture repair, arthrodesis, ear canal ablation, brachycephalic airway correction, complicated mass removal, or laryngeal tieback.

  • Increase surgical revenue without increasing the workload on you or your staff.

We strive to be as low-impact to your team and your facility as possible.

  • Our team includes a dedicated anesthetist and surgical tech, so your clinic’s staff is minimally impacted. All we need is a point person to facilitate care before anesthesia is induced and after the patient leaves the OR.

  • We take care of administering premeds and inducing/monitoring anesthesia.

  • We take care of shaving the surgical site – no need for your techs to try to guess what we want shaved or stress the patient out with noisy clippers.

  • We use all of our own instrument packs, drapes, gowns, gloves, sutures, clippers, etc.

  • Our team takes care of positioning for pre & postop x-rays.

  • We strive to leave your OR cleaner than we found it.

We prioritize clear communication.

  • Your recovery technician will receive written instructions regarding postop treatments and recommended prescription medications to be dispensed.

  • Your client will receive a call from Dr. Hughes postop to let them know how surgery went and to answer their questions. 

  • Before our team leaves, we will email a PDF of the discharge instructions and the surgery report for your files. 

We are passionate about pain control.

  • Dr. Hughes designs a multimodal, comprehensive pain control plan for each patient. If her plan involves a medication that your clinic doesn’t carry, we provide it at no extra charge, because we believe that excellent pain control is just that important. 

  • All patients receive Nocita injections during surgery. These injections provide 72 hours of excellent local anesthetic pain control. In some cases, this may involve off-label, evidence-based use. The cost of these injections is included in the surgery fee.

  • Postop prescription and nutraceutical recommendations are made, however, you always have the final say, as you know your patients best!

We go above and beyond to decrease the chance of postoperative infection.

  • We bring our own clippers with fresh blades to decrease skin trauma and contamination during patient prep.

  • Skin is aseptically prepared with Duraprep, which kills bacteria on the surface of the skin and within the follicles for up to 48 hours after surgery.

  • For all surgeries with either orthopedic implants or a chance of contamination, we use Simini Protect at the end of surgery: a non-antibiotic solution that kills 99.98% of bacteria within 60 seconds of contact. 

Our website offers many educational tools to help support you, your clients, and your practice.

Partner Clinic program directs new clients seeking advanced surgery to your clinic.

  • Because OC Mobile Surgery is a referral service, pet owners who find us on the web are directed to our Partner Clinics as a first step in pursuing surgical care for their pet.  

  • Pet owners are advised that the first step is to schedule a new patient exam with a veterinarian at one of our Partner Clinics, during which the diagnosis is confirmed, an estimate provided, and scheduling coordinated if they wish to proceed.

  • Pet owners often choose to transfer their pet's routine veterinary care to the Partner Clinic they used for surgery because they appreciate the convenience of having a family vet who can offer advanced care in-house.

If you are interested in joining our Partner Clinic network, just send a quick message using the Contact Us box below.

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