Why call us?

We help you offer your clients more

Expand the services you offer to include advanced orthopedics and soft-tissue surgeries.


We help you preserve the bond you have forged with your clients

You've worked hard to earn your clients' trust, and now that their pet may be facing a major surgery, sending them to an unfamiliar practice can increase their anxiety.


We can help you turn a "no" into a "yes"

Provide clients who cannot afford specialist referral an option that allows them to take good care of their pet and preserve their dignity.

We strive to be LOW IMPACT on you and your staff

We've worked in general practice -- we've walked a mile in your shoes.  Calling in a mobile surgeon often disrupts the workflow for you and your staff.  We believe you deserve better than this!


We're "there" for you and your client

Many mobile surgeons are reluctant to speak directly with clients or are so rushed that they leave you to brainstorm post-op patient care and discharge instructions. This makes more work for you, which is not how we operate.


We're sticklers for excellent pain control

Many of the surgeries we perform have the potential to cause significant pain.  We practice aggressive, multi-modal, preemptive pain control so that patients wake up less painful and are often comfortable enough to go home that evening.


Please note...

Select cases require referral to a board-certified specialist, and it is our philosophy that clients should always be made aware of all possible options if their pet needs surgery.