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Happy Clients

See what pet owners and veterinary clinics have to say about the OC Mobile Surgery Team

My boy Snuggles is an 11 year old blind Chihuahua with multiple health issues, and a large benign tumor. My previous 2 vets had said it would not be ideal to remove the tumor as it may cause other problems, but I was referred to Dr. Hughes, who takes on bigger surgical cases. It was really at the point of either putting Snuggles down, or having the tumor removed. Dr. Hughes assured me that the tumor was easier to remove than previously thought, and advised to have it removed. Fast forward 5 months post-surgery, and Snuggles is doing GREAT! He can run and has a ton more energy. He can now climb stairs, something he could not previously do.  

Suzanne H.

Dr. Hughes did a great job on spaying my very large and at the time overweight dog as well as doing a gastropexy to prevent her stomach from flipping in the future. Her recovery was smooth as can be and working with her and Dr. O’Connor in tandem was super easy. 

Gabrielle Lillard (Milly’s mom)

Dr. Hughes has done surgeries on both of my animals (one for an abnormal knee and one for fixing my bulldog’s breathing). The before and after were amazing and I would recommend anytime10/10. 

Lupe Gutierrez, Lucky & Milo’s mom

Dr. Hughes and the OC Mobile Surgery team are outstanding! They send recommendations for pre-medications based on patient need, arrive on time, they’re ready to jump in and take over care of the patient from start to finish/into recovery making the entire process streamlined and easy for our entire hospital staff. Dr. Hughes will call the owner afterward and provide custom discharge instructions so everything is taken care of. They make us feel very supported throughout their visit to the hospital and I am always reassured about their patient care and quality when I watch them in action. Dr. Hughes has also been available for me by phone for case follow-ups, which was amazing. I can’t recommend OC Mobile Surgery enough! 

Sarah LaMoyne, DVM

I have worked with Dr. Hughes and her team for many years and she is the first surgeon I think of, when one of my patients needs surgery!I love working with her crew as they are very efficient, their communication is excellent and they have great patient care. Dr. Hughes and her team are my go to for mobile surgery in the OC!

Alyson Rutledge RVT

Dr Hughes and her staff are very skilled with the types of surgeries that they perform. Our owners have been happy to not have to take their loved ones to another hospital, and Dr Hughes makes it really easy to communicate with the owners all the information that they may need to know. Her staff is extremely happy and pleasant, and they make the process easy to understand and execute.

Dr Michael Handley

We love working with Dr. Hughes. She is almost always available within a few days for surgery and has changed the lives of countless rescue dogs that come into our practice hurt and in desperate need of orthopedic repair. She and her team are timely, efficient and a pleasure to work with! We don’t look forward to injured dogs, but we do love seeing Dr. Hughes. 

Hedy, Camino Pet Hospital

I have been using Dr. Hughes since the day I came out of veterinary school as a doctor of veterinary medicine 6 years ago. Since then she has been my first choice for any advanced orthopedic or soft tissue surgery that any of my patients need. After several years and hundreds of surgeries I can say with confidence that Dr. Hughes is one of the best surgeons in Orange County and I’ve even used her for my own pets. My own kitten of only 2 lbs had her leg shattered and Dr. Hughes not only rushed in to fix it the next day (better than human healthcare time tables) but she managed to successfully perform microsurgery and restructure my kitten’s entire leg. Now she’s a completely normal adult cat who can cause plenty of mischief and get onto counters and obnoxious places like a normal cat. If you’re looking for a surgeon who can keep everything in-house with your normal veterinarian and is more affordable than going to a specialty center, look no further. 

Nolan O'Connor DVM, Vetco Total Care Huntington Beach Adams

I have used Dr Hughes for years.I can now offer surgeries that I do not feel comfortable doing and her results are are excellent!

Dr Runde, Perris Animal Hospital

We love Dr Hughes and her team! They are always quick to respond and willing to help out whenever they can. The process of them coming to your clinic is seamless and so easy. Not only do they do a great job, but they leave you with everything you will need to make sure your pets and owners are happy. Dr Hughes will also call the owner herself post-op, which is just brilliant. 

Cassandra Turnier, Hospital Manager, Banfield Torrance

Newport Mesa Animal Hospital has used Dr Joanne Hughes as a surgical specialist for years. She is available, prompt, reliable and is an exceptionally skilled veterinary surgeon. She prides herself with superior pain control measures for our surgical patients. She provides good advice, excellent record documentation of her procedures and detailed instructions for our hospital and especially our clients. She has been an asset tome professionally and has provided exceptional value to the quality of surgery our hospital can provide.

Thomas M. Irwin, DVM

I have been working with Dr. Hughes for over 8 years now. She has done hundreds of orthopedic and complicated soft tissue surgeries for me, and I can’t be happier with the results. We have had no post-op complications for any of the cases. Other than her fantastic surgical skills, she is a great person to work with, always available and responsive. Anytime I need any consultation about any of my patients, I know who to call. 

Dr. Reza, Aliso Viejo Animal Hospital

As a veterinarian myself, there are very few veterinarians I let work on my own dogs. However, I was not only pleased, but totally impressed with the compassionate, professional, and comprehensive treatment both of my dogs received from Dr. Hughes and her team before, during and after their surgeries. I would highly recommend OC Mobile Surgery!!!


Vera Heidolph, DVM @VetBus

We love working with Dr. Hughes and her entire team! She makes the surgical process from start to finish abreeze. She comes prepared with her own team of professionals which alleviates the need for our staff to be pulled into surgery for monitoring and assisting. Her thoroughness, professionalism, and talent leaves our clients with a sense of comfort knowing that their patient received nothing but the best care. 

The doctors and staff of Newport Mesa Animal Hospital

Dr Hughes and her staff are an amazing team to work with. They always have a great attitude and show up ready to work. I love that she brings her own staff because it means we don’t have to give up a technician when she comes. Dr. Hughes is fast to respond when we email her questions, and if we need her to consult on a case when she is here at the hospital she is happy to help. Definitely recommend her team and their services! 

Dr. Van, Washington Blvd Animal Hospital

We have been using Dr. Hughes for several years for most of our orthopedic surgeries and some of our soft tissue surgeries. She is consistently on time, professional, easy to work with, and generous with recommendations when we need guidance. Her surgeries are successful and we have no complaints from any of our clients. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing an excellent surgeon to compliment the services they offer their patients and pet owners.

Dr Bernadine Stallings, Hemet Animal Hospital

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