We are good for your bottom line!

We help you expand the services you offer in-house

As a general practitioner, your clients expect you to be expert in all areas of veterinary medicine. We help you provide expanded surgical services without referral.


We help you preserve the bond you have forged with your client

You've worked hard to earn your client's trust. Now their pet can receive advanced surgery in a familiar setting, with the staff and doctors they've come to trust.


We help you keep revenue in-house

Surgical patients may also need bloodwork, x-rays, IV catheter & fluids, anesthesia, pain & antibiotic injections, prescription medication to go home, and an e-collar, which are provided by your clinic and charged according to your clinic's standard pricing structure.


Surgery Fees:

To access our pricing information, click one of the buttons below. Since this is sensitive information, we want to make sure it is only available to veterinary professionals, so you will need a password. Once we verify your credentials, the password will be emailed to you.