Communication is Key!


We take pride in "being there" for you.

  • We are available by email and text for case consultation and x-ray evaluation. 


  • We call the client as soon as the pet is in recovery to answer questions and give a brief preview of postoperative care.

  • We leave a detailed surgical report along with specific treatments/times/dosages the pet needs between post-anesthetic recovery and release from the hospital. We also leave a list of recommended medications to be dispensed, along with dosages so that your staff does not have to waste time doing calculations. As the primary care veterinarian, you always have the final say in medications, but many vets are happy to have one less task on their hands. 

  • We leave specific written discharge instructions so that you know exactly what care & restrictions the pet needs. These instructions cover which medications are needed, when they are due, how long they will be given for, how to properly care for the surgery site, and specific details regarding exercise restriction and rehabilitation. It also details when the pet needs to be rechecked and what will be assessed at each recheck.